We invest in and develop niche product companies

EITRI combines profitable, specialized companies with the stability of diversified group to create value beyond the sum of our parts.

For entrepreneurs

A reliable partner for your company

We manage and acquire stable and profitable product companies with a long-term perspective. Our group of entreprenuers creates the right conditions for your company to develop and adapt for the future. With our decentralized business model, we combine existing expertise with new digital tools to refine and renew companies.

Our vision

Our vision is to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that facilitates companies to reach their true potential and ensure growth in a digital era. We refine and renew small and medium-sized companies by combining established business with new tools.
For entrepreneurs

What EITRI offers

With EITRI, your business can continue to grow with the support of a partner that is dedicated to your success.

Financial stability

EITRI offers the resources and capabilities required to make investments for growth, longevity and continued competitivness. As part of EITRI, entrepreneurs can focus on their business and benefit from the group's financial stability.

Strategic advice

In addition to our large network of entrepreneurs, you also receive strategic support and advice from us. With experience and specialist competence, we can provide guidance to together develop and turn your business into something bigger.

Decentralized structure

Because each business is unique, EITRI works with a decentralized business model. Our entrepreneurs have the freedom of running their business according to their niched experience and capabilities.